How (and Why) to Align your Business with Frendshop

Become a Frendshop Partner:
By promising a minimum discount of 5% to our users, your site can be on the short list of sites where users can spend the Frendshop Kitty Dollars. Much like eBay, where users often make impulse buys just for the buzz of being the "winner", users may buy items they wouldn't otherwise, just to get their cut of the Kitty before someone else does. Offer a larger discount and get a bigger share of the traffic! Note that all Frendshop-discounted sales are final, so if you have costs associated with returns and restocking, it may be cheaper for you to offer a discount on this site than sell at full MSRP on another.

Be included in search results:
Users will be searching for specific products and services. All Partner's sites will be indexed and included in users' search results.

Advertise on Frendshop:
This is the place where users are going to start their on-line shopping experience. These are people explicitly looking to buy something in the immediate future. Who wouldn't want those eyeballs?

Include your affiliate/associate program:
Kitty is hungry. We're constantly looking for new ways to generate dollars for the Frendshop Kitty; if you offer a pay-per-view or pay-per-click affiliate program, just let us know, and we'd be happy to add it to the site.

Get "search" added to your site for FREE:
If your website doesn't already offer a search option, we will add that to your site for FREE. All that we ask is that we be allowed to place Google ads on the results page (and just the results page; this will appear nowhere else on your site) and use the revenue generated by those ads to build the Frendshop Kitty.

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